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2 Wheels City Escape Adventures

The 2 Wheels City Escape Adventures are giving, especially to the extremely busy riders, with limited time for an adventure, the opportunity to fly in for few days to Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, or Cluj-Napoca, rent one of our rental motorcycles, and get a quick but intense adrenaline boost, while riding on tracks like the Transfăgărășan Pass Road, the Transalpina Pass Road, the Mușat (Ojdula-Lepșa) Pass Road or on the scenic winding roads of the West Carpathian Mountains, either on own, or escorted by one of our 2 Wheels Adventure Managers.

Either way, you don’t have to consume your precious time with the logistical preparation of your city escape adventure, we will take care of everything.

Once we agree on where you fly in, where you want to ride, what you like to visit, the accommodation standard and other included services, we will craft for you a once in a lifetime riding adventure, by planning and organizing all the logistical details.


START/END: Bucharest / Brașov / Sibiu / Cluj-Napoca (depending on the tracks you would like to ride on)


TRACKS TYPE: Tarmac, or as commonly agreed

RIDING STYLE: Touring, or as commonly agreed

TOTAL RIDING DISTANCE: depends on the agreed itinerary

AVERAGE DISTANCE PER DAY: depends on the agreed itinerary

ADVENTURE GRADING: Medium – Advanced

  • All riders must have advanced riding skills.
  • All riders & pillion riders must have a travel / medical insurance which covers motorcycle riding.
  • All riders & pillion riders must sign a liability disclaimer / waiver and are responsible for their own actions and decisions related to maneuvering the motorcycles.
  • Transfăgărășan Pass Road
  • Transalpina Pass Road
  • Transursoaia Pass Road & the West Carpathian Mountains
  • Bicaz Pass Road & Bicaz Gorge
  • Mușat (Ojdula – Lepșa) Pass Road
  • Buzău Pass Road
  • Guided strolls in the medieval cities of Brașov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca if desired
  • Bucharest City Tour & Guided visit of the People Palace (The Palace of Parliament) if desired
  • Bran Castle guided visit if desired
  • Medieval Castles & Fortified Churches, UNESCO designated sites
  • Picturesque Transylvanian Scenery and villages


  • Accommodation in carefully selected, excellent rated, 3-4* hotels incl. breakfast
  • Other meals & beverages if desired
  • Adventure rental bikes incl. third party liability insurance, rain suit, top case & side cases, phone holder & USB plug
  • Arrival & Departure Airport Transfer


  • Fuel expenses for the Rental Motorcycle
  • Warranty Deposit & Comprehensive Insurance (is reducing the Deposit to 50%) for the Rental Motorcycle
  • Program deviations on your request
  • Gratuities and any other expenses not mentioned at the Included Services agreed at the booking moment

The 2 Wheels City Escape Adventures are available in:


A Bucharest 2 Wheels City Escape will offer you the opportunity to find out why Bucharest got to be known as “Paris of the East”, at the beginning of the last century, and why today, it is undoubtedly a world-class city.

You can discover Bucharest while having a guided stroll through the charming non-touristic Armenian neighborhood, one of Bucharest’s best kept secrets, which is hiding spectacular 19th century Neo-Romanian architecture and along the Lipscani pedestrian area, where you will find coffeehouses, restaurants, art galleries, antique shops, a stunning six-floor bookstore and to the Old Princely Court (Curtea Veche), built in the 15th century by Vlad the Impaler. Of course, stories about the communist time and a visit of the Palace of Parliament (People’s Palace) which has been the most extreme expression of the systematization program imposed by Nicolae Ceaușescu upon Romania, should enhance your exploration in Bucharest.

Bucharest is an excellent starting point for a 2 Wheels City Escape Adventure which would include tracks like the Transfăgărășan Pass Road, the Mușat (Ojdula-Lepșa) Pass Road or the Buzău Pass Road.


Founded in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights between the peaks of the Southern Carpathian Mountains, Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania. The medieval massive stone walls and several bastions around the city are still visible today. The gothic, baroque, and renaissance architecture, as well as the wealth of many other attractions are making the city one of the greatest highlights of Transylvania.

Brașov is an excellent starting point for a 2 Wheels City Escape Adventure which would include tracks like the Transfăgărășan Pass Road, the Mușat (Ojdula-Lepșa) Pass Road, the Bicaz Pass Road with the spectacular Bicaz Gorge, the adrenaline full tracks of the Székely Land in the south-eastern part of Transylvania.


As a medieval city with 900 years of history, Sibiu, also preserved many testimonies of the past. The walls of the old fortification belts, the towers named after the guilds, the central squares with their rich history, the old buildings abounding in stories which occurred throughout time will totally impress you.

Sibiu is an excellent starting point for a 2 Wheels City Escape which would include tracks like the Transfăgărășan Pass Road, the Transalpina Pass Road, and the scenic tracks of the West Carpathian Mountains.


Being the largest city in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca‘s history goes back all the way to the Roman time, when it developed from a Dacian settlement into a Roman town with the statute of a colony, the highest possible urban statute of the Roman Empire. Later, during the medieval time, Cluj-Napoca was home for German tradesmen, but also home of the Hungarian dukes ruling Transylvania. It is also the birthplace of the 15th-century Hungarian Renaissance King Matthias Corvinus. For the importance and the fame of the city in those times, still stand today a huge number of historical and architectural landmarks.

Nowadays, with a population of around 330,000 and one of the fastest growing economies in the country, Cluj-Napoca, developed into a vibrant cultural center, a dynamic and youthful university city.

 Cluj-Napoca is an excellent starting point for a 2 Wheels City Escape Adventure which would include tracks like the Transursoaia Pass Road, the scenic winding tracks of the West Carpathian Mountains or mountain passes in the northern part of the East Carpathian Mountains.


The Transfăgărășan Pass Road is 90km / 55mi long and rises to an altitude of 2042m / 6699ft. At the highest point, the road crosses the South Carpathian Mountains through the longest (875 m/0.53miles) and highest tunnel of Romania. Another highlight is the Bâlea glacier lake from where you can get a spectacular eagle’s eye view over Transylvania. Shortly after, begins the winding descent on the sharp hairpin turns of the northern side towards Sibiu, a delightful challenge for every rider.


With a length of 148km / 91mi, the Transalpina Road, is the highest pass road of the Carpathian Mountains, counting at its summit 2145m / 7037 ft elevation, after following the mountains pick line for almost 20 km / 12.5mi. According to some sources, the beginning of this pass road goes back to the roman times, as it was apparently constructed by roman military legions. The road changed constantly its name over the time. From “the Devils trail”, as it was called by shepherds who used it for centuries to cross over the mountains with their herds, it became the “Kings Road” after the trail was enlarged on its entire length to a military road by the Romanian King, right before WWII started. Since 2010, after being asphalted on its entire length it became worldwide famous as Transalpina, the must to ride road of Transylvania.


Famous for being nicknamed “the high-altitude Moto GP Track of the Carpathian Mountains”, the Mușat pass road is one of the very best motorcycle riding tracks in Romania

Having had the tarmac completely renewed in 2015, the road is crossing the East Carpathian Mountains on a length of just a bit more than 50km/ 31mi of endless turns and twist going up and down the mountains, mostly cutting through deep forests, at other times ascending mildly in wide curves, with very good visibility, the scenic meadows. The quite low car traffic, the wide curves with good visibility, and the quality of the tarmac are making this track very popular amongst the local rider community. It will put for sure a smile on your faces as well and it will make you wish that the turns and twists would never end.


The winding, picturesque Buzău Pass Road was used already in medieval times by the Tatars and Ottomans to cross the Carpathian Mountains, for attacking Transylvania. It climbs mildly to an elevation of 642m / 2,106ft, following on its entire length the Buzău River Valley. The twists, the turns, and the hairpins on the section along the shores of the Siriu Lake, are a total delight for any motorcycle rider.


Here are a few things to consider we must know for tailoring your 2 Wheels City Escape Adventure:

    1. How many riders and how many pillions are joining the group?

    2. How much time do you have for riding, from where and when would you like to ride?

    Please note that including some certain tracks as part of your riding experience, depends on the time of the year you choose to ride. For instance, in Transylvania, the Transfagarasan Pass Road and the Transalpina Road are usually opened around 1st of July.

    3.What is the desired accommodation standard and would you go for double or single rooms?

    Some regions of our itineraries are offering a limited number of exquisite 5* accommodation facilities. The number and the range off the high qualitative 4*+ accommodation facilities is much wider. We also have a wide range of exquisite, unique, and very authentic guest house accommodation facilities, giving you the chance to immerse yourselves much deeper into the local spirit and heritage. Please note that including some certain tracks or visits of certain remote sites as part of your 2 Wheels Adventure may require your readiness for flexibility regarding the accommodation standards.

    4. What would you like your 2 Wheels City Escape to focus on?

    For planning an itinerary that suits your expectations and desires we need to know if your interest lies on riding only, or more on riding combined with cultural visiting and if you would ride on-road tracks only or rather prefer a combined on-road / off -road adventure. Please be advised that 2 Wheels Adventures does not organize enduro riding experiences, due to our awareness that the environment and the natural habitats need to be protected and preserved.

    5. Would you like to include meals?

    Apart of breakfast and some home hosted meals which are part of your experience in case of choosing to ride along some certain tracks or visit some certain sites, meals are generally not included. As local flavors are always the best ambassadors of a region, we would like you to have the freedom to discover local restaurants and the local market food, but we can include or exclude meals as per your requirements.

    6. Which of our rental bikes would you consider?


    8. Do you require a local expert guide for visiting certain sites?

    If desired, we can arrange local expert guides to meet you and guide your visits of certain sites or cities.

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