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2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Adventures from/to Bucharest

The 2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Adventures are premium set riding experiences, to be booked and experienced with one of our rental bikes (BMW F750GS, BMW F850GS, BMW R1250 GS / GSA and HONDA AFRICA TWIN CRF 1100L), from / to Bucharest, crafted to suit riders, focused on getting the maximum adrenaline boost, while riding in average over 300km(186mi) per day on the tarmac tracks we have carefully selected along the most spectacular Carpathian Mountains Pass Roads.

The 2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Adventures can be booked on one of our set dates or on your preferred date, given you travel in a closed group, and we are available for that date.

On request, at availability (the bookings including the rental bike package are having priority), you can join us on your own bike, although we recommend the 2 Wheels Adventures from / to Oradea for riders on own bike.

Given you choose to travel with your friends, as a closed group, you can request us to transform one of our Set 2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Adventures into a personalized experience by adding or excluding some of the included services. We will happily tailor it for you until it suits your expectations and desires.

Depending on the length of the chosen 2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Adventure the riding highlights will be tarmac tracks like the famous Transfăgărășan and Transalpina Pass Roads, the Transsemenic and Transursoaia Pass Roads, the Transrarău Pass Road, as well as the Prislop and Gutăi Pass Road, the Ojdula – Lepșa Road or winding, traffic free, secondary roads.

Our local expert 2 Wheels Adventure Managers will be the first-hand ambassadors of the authentic local spirit. They will be joining you in getting the adrenaline boost along the spectacular tracks we have selected, they will reveal to you breathtaking landscapes, and they will make sure you will explore, discover, and have a once in a lifetime 2 Wheels Adventure.

Our local expert cultural guides will immerse you into the local cultural heritage and will reveal to you during guided strolls, the local authentic spirit, and the history of cities like Bucharest, Brașov, Sibiu or Cluj-Napoca.

As flavors are important ambassadors of a region, we are aiming to offer you during your 2 Wheels Adventure also an authentic culinary experience by having the chefs of our selected local restaurants serving you delicious local culinary specialties. Beside breakfast, welcome and farewell dinner, all other dinners are included as well.

Lunch is on own, as by our experience, the riders participating on our 2 Wheels Adventures, are tending to eat for lunch something very light or not at all. Therefore, we would like to give you the chance to decide what you would like to have for lunch or whether you will eat or not. The joining local expert 2 Wheels Adventure Manager will take care though of planning the lunch break and making the reservation at one of our selected restaurants.

Our trusted 2 Wheels Adventures local accommodation partners will be welcoming you in carefully selected, excellent rated, 3-4* accommodation facilities and will make sure you will fully enjoy the Transylvanian hospitality. Many of the 4* stars hotels we have selected for your 2 Wheel Adventures are having outdoors or indoors swimming pools and spa facilities, giving you a well-deserved opportunity to unwind and relax after an adrenaline full riding day.

To make sure that your 2 Wheels Adventure is a comfortable and stress-free experience, a support & assistance vehicle will be following you during the entire length of the riding adventure, eventually giving the opportunity to pillions, to briefly exchange the saddle with a seat of the van. At the same time the support & assistance vehicle will be transporting your luggage from one hotel to the other.

To take away from your shoulders even more aspects of the typical traveling logistic preparations, your 2 Wheels Adventure does include the Arrival & Departure Airport Transfer.

Being aware that time is one of the most important factors when it comes to book a holiday, we have prepared 3 versions of the 2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Adventure, each one different in length, aiming to accommodate riders having time for a full adventure, as well as riders having time for a shorter adventure only.


Full Adventure

12 Days

2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Full Adventure from / to Bucharest - 12 Days

Power Adventure

10 Days

2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Power Adventure from / to Bucharest - 10 Days

Infusion Adventure

8 Days

2 Wheels Carpathian Pass Roads Infusion Adventure from / to Bucharest - 8 Days

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